WrightFits Robust Pro Gel Knee Pads For Work

WrightFits Robust Pro Gel Knee Pads For Work

WrightFits Robust Pro Knee Pads

Work with Heavy Duty Gel Cushion and Foam Padding Knee Pads Perfect for Construction, Flooring, and Gardening with Adjustable Non-Slip Straps-WW020805

WrightFits Robust Pro Work Knee pads come with a new and improved formula. Now, you can enjoy double thick gel protection. Our knee protectors ensure security with comfort and durability. These knee pads are reinforced stitched with breathable neoprene, ballistic nylon and engineered PVC. Moreover, heavy duty knee pads are covered with a non slip power shield specially designed to protect knees and damages to clothing. It protects knees against nails, screws, glass and debris. The advanced ergonomic design ensures extreme comfort and support to the patellar tendon just below your knee. Besides, protecting the knee from all angles, its quadriceps protect above the knee too. WrightFit Robust Pro Knee pads are superior with soft gel core and thick engineered foam core. Knee protectors are best for workers, constructors, contractors, tile and wood flooring installers, carpenters, gardeners, welders, grocery salesman, mechanics, cleaners, bicycle riders, basically the choice for every professional worker.

WrightFits Robust Pro Knee Pads promise the safety of the knee as surrounding area with the improved version of protectors. Durability and comfort is the top priority for all heavy duty knee pads.

    Heavy Duty Non lip Power Shields:

      Non slippery shield on knee pads protect from all type of damages and injury. No chance to get hurt against nails, screws, glass, debris etc. They're promising heavy duty with a comfortable soft gel core and long lasting EVA foam padding cushion.

      Ergonomic Design:

        Robust Pro Knee pads are now upgraded with the best features; heavy duty breathable neoprene, ballistic nylon and engineered PVC. High Density, shatter-resistant, easy to adjust, and allows you to bend your knee without squeezing.

        Adjustable Straps:

          These knee pad won't non slippery and adjustable as well. All the straps are double stitched to prevent wear and tear as they're made from neoprene. Moreover, the wide straps never cut the circulation on the back of the legs. Easy and quick to put on and take off.

          Multi-Purpose & Easy Maintenance:

            Knee pads are ideal for all kind of work; flooring, carpentry, gardening, welding etc. Furthermore, they are easy to keep in good condition. You can simply clean them in lukewarm water with a brush or a washing cloth.

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