Best Portable Rolling Toolbox with a Wide range of Tool Storage capacity

Best Portable Rolling Toolbox with a Wide range of Tool Storage capacity

Your tool belt pouches alone cannot handle your all types of tools as it provides your limited storage area. Therefore, WrightFits Essential Toolbox is designed considering all these factors of workers’ requirements. The feature of this toolbox is that the rolling wheels tool chest is totally portable allows you to drag along the box wherever you want.


Toolbox with a Removable Tote Tray

All the tools and accessories are completely secured in your tool chest box at it is covered with a strong poly carbonate lid. As displayed in the picture that it contains a removable tote tray that consists of partitioned sections to fasteners tool, screws, nails, bolts and other small items. In the lower big box, you can store fasteners tools, hammer, drill machine, wrenches, brushes and supplies.


Toolbox With Wheels

Uniquely designed to store a wide range of tools and work accessories with easy to carry benefit, large rugged plastic with rubber-coated wheels. These rubber-coated wheels ensure the protection of your tools inside while freight and travel.

Metal Latches, Split boxes & a Telescopic Handle

The ideal tool chest comes with a storage box, tote tray and telescopic handle. The tool chest box also features a sturdy metal latched to keep your tools secure and wide telescopic steel handles help for a soft grip.It comes with separate small boxes on the upper side of tool box to store small tool accessories.

Size, Weight & Structure

The Portable wheel tool chest box is of dimensions: 65 x 40 x 35 cm and weighs around 4.5 kilograms.  Consists of a strong poly carbonate lid and removable tote tray, sturdy metal latches, wide telescopic steel handles and rubber coated wheels. 




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