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work belt-leather tool belt-leather belt-brown leather belt-tool belt pouchleather belt-brown-leather belt-tool beltwork belt-leather tool belt-leather belt-brown leather belt-tool belt pouch
WrightFits Leather Brown Belt With Metal Roller Buckle
Regular price £15.99 £12.50

Save 22%
Save 22% (£3.49)
    WrightFits Robust Pro Gel Knee Pads For Work
    Regular price £25.00 £18.99

    Save 24%
    Save 24% (£6.01)
      WrightFits Leather Tool Belt Apron
      Regular price £30.99 £19.99

      Save 35%
      Save 35% (£11)
        WrightFits Leather Double Pocket Tool Belt Pouch
        Regular price £20.99 £15.50

        Save 26%
        Save 26% (£5.49)
          WrightFits Leather Hammer Holder Tool Belt
          Regular price £10.99 £6.99

          Save 36%
          Save 36% (£4)
            WrightFits Leather Nail And Hammer Tool Pouch
            Regular price £19.99 £15.50

            Save 22%
            Save 22% (£4.49)
              Type 2 Electric Vehicle Charging CableType 2 Electric Vehicle Charging CableType 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Cable
              Type 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Cable
              Regular price £129.99 £80.00

              Save 50%
              Save 50% (£54.99)
                WrightFits Leather Drill Holster Tool Belt Pouch
                Regular price £16.99 £11.50

                Save 32%
                Save 32% (£5.49)
                  WrightFits Pro Heavy Duty Gel Knee Pads
                  Regular price £23.99 £15.50

                  Save 35%
                  Save 35% (£8.49)
                    ToughHub 100 Pcs Hand Tool kit
                    Regular price £38.99 £31.50

                    Save 19%
                    Save 19% (£7.49)
                    • Yellow
                    • Pink
                    ToughHub Multi Pocket Screw & Nail Tool Pouch
                    Regular price £25.99 £18.99

                    Save 27%
                    Save 27% (£7)
                      ToughHub Nylon Multi Pocket Work Tool belt
                      Regular price £62.99 £49.50

                      Save 21%
                      Save 21% (£13.49)
                        ToughHub Padded Tool Belt & Pouch Holder
                        Regular price £27.99 £20.99

                        Save 25%
                        Save 25% (£7)
                          ToughHub Nylon Work Tool belt Apron
                          Regular price £18.99 £15.50

                          Save 18%
                          Save 18% (£3.49)
                            Mechanix Wear Work Gloves
                            Regular price £61.00
                              ToughHub Hammer Holder Tool Belt Pouch
                              Regular price £11.99 £9.50

                              Save 21%
                              Save 21% (£2.49)
                                ToughHub Drill Holster Tool Pouch with Bits Holder
                                Regular price £15.99 £11.50

                                Save 28%
                                Save 28% (£4.49)
                                  Dewalt Synthetic Padded Leather Palm GlovesDewalt Synthetic Padded Leather Palm Gloves
                                  Dewalt Synthetic Padded Leather Palm Gloves
                                  Regular price £23.30 £23.00

                                  Save 1%
                                  Save 1% (£0.30)
                                    Scan Professional Gel Knee PadsScan Professional Gel Knee Pads
                                    Scan Professional Gel Knee Pads
                                    Regular price £29.60 £28.70

                                    Save 3%
                                    Save 3% (£0.90)
                                      Dickies Beanie Hat – Black
                                      Regular price £38.00

                                        Work Accessories to Set You Free!

                                        Performance needs confidence; the latter can only be acquired by staying secure and fear-free. In the work world, this security is granted through essential work accessories. These range from guards to gloves, belts to tool carries, charging cables to tool kits, Beanie hats, etc. WrightBiz is always there for you to meet all your needs within your budget. Just have a look at our list of work accessories, you wouldn’t find us short of anything!

                                        Quality Leather Belts

                                        A tool belt is considered a basic accessory for every trade. It not only offers you a good knot for your trousers but also serves as a base for tool carries. They should be strong enough to carry some good weight. Our leather belt collection with adjustable metal roller buckle pairs well with other tool holder pouches to make it convenient for you. Durable and easy to fit these basics are available at affordable prices.

                                        Tool Pouches & Holder

                                        Next to belts, it is always tool pouches and holders that are the most required accessories. Whether you are looking for a double pocket tool belt pouch or drill holster pouch, we got it all for you. We also have arranged for a hammer holder as well as a fine combination of both in the form of a nail and hammer tool belt work pouch. You can choose at your convenience from these pure leather or polyester collections. Durability and efficiency are assured!

                                        Handy Tool Belt Aprons

                                        In addition to separate tool pouches and holders, we offer you complete tool-carry solutions as well. Our carpenter tool belt and aprons are an example in this regard. Available in quality leather or polyester materials these sets carry everything that a worker requires to carry his tools. A hammer holder to the drill holster pouch, and a heavy-duty belt to the multi-pocket pouch. An easy way to arrange your tools and bits to perform with effect.

                                        Branded Knee Protections

                                        There can’t be a compromise on protection, hence, we have arranged some quality protection for your knees. For instance, our high-density EVA padded work trouser knee pads are durable and flexible enough to keep you safe. These knee-insert foam pads wouldn’t let your knees slide off. To offer you better protection for harder jobs and environments we bring you Gel knee pads for work from brands like Scan, Irwin, and WrightFits. These protective gears are available with adjustable straps that make it easy to have them on and off when required. Featuring three-layer protection this knee pads collection wouldn’t disappoint you for sure. 

                                        Comfy Gloves

                                        How could you forget safety work gloves while talking about work accessories? Hands are equally important for a worker as his knees. In this class, we have arranged something for everyone whether you are looking for mechanic or farmer gloves. Our collection of Dewalt work gloves is available with 3 fingers, and half-finger designs as well. Our full-finger Dewalt work gloves feature synthetic leather and gel-padded palms for better security. We are all set for every worker in this line as well.

                                        Affordable One-Stop Shop

                                        Our collection of accessories is not short of anything you need. From tool kits to mechanic gloves, and belts to type 2 electric car chargers, we have arranged for everything. No matter what the season is we are there for you. Our quality collection of winter work hats is the best example in this respect. The thing that makes us your favorite is the fine balance of quality and price. Do purchase with us for convenient quality at a convenient price!

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