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ToughHub Faucet Sink & Basin Wrench - Socket Red A - 8 in 1
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    WrightFits Ball-End Hex Key Set Metric and Imperial
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      ToughHub 100 Pcs Hand Tool kit
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      ToughHub 56 pcs Tool kit – Hand Tools
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      Conduit Bush Wrench
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        Carpenter Square Tool stainless Steel Angle Ruler
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          INGCO 4Pcs Wood Chisel Set Woodworking Carpenter Carving
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            MAXPOWER Water Pump Pliers with Non-Slip Rubber Handle
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              Wire Cutters Electrical with Sharp Strong Blade
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                Fischer 536162 DUOPOWER Wallplug with Screws
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                  ToughHub tools-hand toolkit-socket setToughHub tools-hand toolkit-socket set-bits and ratchetsToughHub tools-hand toolkit-socket set
                  ToughHub Ratchet Socket Set - Tool kit
                  Regular price £22.99 £12.50

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                    High-quality hand tools collection

                    ToughHub Faucet Wrench - Sink & Basin Installer Socket Red A 8 In 1

                    Sink & Basin Installer is an efficient plumbing tool designed to streamline repairs in tight spots. This 8-in-1 versatile tool is lightweight, featuring durable metal inserts tailored for various faucet installation components. 

                    WrightFits Ball-End Hex Key Set Metric And Imperial 9 Pcs

                    WrightFits Ball-End Metric And Imperial Allen Key Set comprises a versatile 9-piece collection, ideal for daily professional use. Featuring color-coded rubber coating for easy identification and diamond-shaped tips for secure fitting, this set is neatly organized in an easy-access case, ensuring convenience in various fastening tasks.

                    ToughHub 100 Pcs Hand Toolkit

                    ToughHub 100 Pcs Hand Toolkit, a comprehensive solution catering to every household's tool requirements. This all-encompassing toolkit is equipped with durable tools meticulously forged from high-quality steel and finished with chrome polish, ensuring longevity and reliable performance. To enhance convenience and protect your tools, they are securely housed in a heavy-duty blow-molded case, offering both secure and organized storage. 

                    ToughHub Faucet And Sink Installer, Multi-Purpose Basin Wrench, 18 In 1

                    The ToughHub Faucet Sink wrench, Multi-Purpose Basin Wrench, 18 In 1, stands out as a versatile plumbing tool suitable for a myriad of applications. Featuring non-slip handles and an easy-to-use design, this tool ensures efficiency in various plumbing tasks. Its innovative folding design further enhances its utility by facilitating the turning of difficult-to-reach mounting nuts. 

                    ToughHub 56 Pcs Toolkit – DIY Hand Tool Set


                    The ToughHub 56 Pcs Toolkit – DIY Hand Tool Set offers a comprehensive collection that includes screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, and more, making it a versatile solution for various tasks. Constructed with high-quality chrome vanadium steel, this toolkit ensures durability and reliable performance for a long-lasting toolset. For added convenience, the tools are neatly organized and portable, housed in a blow-molded case.


                    ToughHub Ratchet Socket Set, Metric 1/4 Inch Square Drive, 25 Pieces

                    ToughHub Ratchet Socket Set, Metric 1/4 Inch Square Drive tool, a versatile 25-piece collection designed to meet the demands of both trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Crafted from high-quality chrome vanadium steel, this set ensures optimal strength and durability for a wide range of applications. The quick-adjust design facilitates rapid use, offering convenience in various fastening tasks. For secure storage and easy access, the set comes complete with a sturdy storage case. 

                    Upgrade your tools collection with ToughHub's hand tools, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and optimal performance in various tasks.

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