Return Policy

(1) Is it allowed to return unwanted products?

We totally understand that you can receive incorrect item or you might not have need of that good due to some reasons. So, at that time you are allowed to return the products withotu any difficulty. The only which you need to remember is that you consider returing it within 30 days after purchase. Either you can ask for exchange or you can also ask for refund amount after returning the product. The customers can only get refund or exchanged product if they send the purchased product in the same condition without any damage. The courier service would collect the parcel from you but you might need to pay 9.99 euros for it.

(2) What should I do when I receive wrong item?

We always try to ensure that our customers receive the product they have ordered in proper condition. There are strict checking procedures followed by the workers which prohibits chances of any errors in the product delivery but some errors can be made because our workers are also humans. In this case, the customers need to inform us within fourteen  days of purchase. We won’t waste your time and collect the item from you in order to get it replaced as soon as possible. You won’t even have to pay a single penny for it.

(3) How can I get the damaged goods replaced?

Whenever you receive any product delivered by us, then you need to sign for the time and date of the delivery. When you find out that the package sent by us is damaged at the time of delivery, then you can also refuse to take it. When the package is damaged by the carrier company and you haven’t signed the product as un examined, then we won’t be responsible for it in any manner. So, it is really important that you check it during the delivery time. Whenever the goods are damaged, you need to call us or send us email for that concern. We will definitely take the appropriate decision for your benefits.

Note:- Please must enclose the copy of your invoice and briefly describe the reason for the return at the bottom of the page.

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