How to properly use hex key set for various projects?

How to properly use hex key set for various projects?

Having hex key in your hand toolkit is imperative. It helps completing multiple jobs on daily basis for workmen like plumbers. Allen key is also of great use when it comes to DIY projects. WrightFits hex key set is invaluable with its multipurpose functionality and durable material. WirghtFits hex key set can assist you in many ways because it can be used to fasten nuts in several projects and applications.


How to properly use hex key set for various projects?

Here are few tips for you to use hex keys efficiently for various projects:

Choose the right size: Make sure to choose the right size hex key to do your job.

Choose the one with good grip: When buying hex key set, look for one with good grip and easy access

Store them in safe place: When you are done using hex key for your job, store them in safe place to avoid rusting.

Use lubrication: Use lubrication on your keys so they can slide easily in sockets.

Wipe after use: Wipe hex keys after each use to make them last longer.


WrightFits ball-end hex key set


hex key - hand tools


WrigthFits coded matric Allen key setcomes with colour coded rubber coating, and hardened, heat-treated chrome vanadium steel. They are easy to grip, use and store due to diamond shaped tips and rubber coating.

WrightFits imperial hexagon key comes with colour coding and size marking that makes it easy and quick to identify them. They come with esy and reliable storage which makes them last longer if handled wisely.


hex key - hand tools


Hex keys hand tools are used in various industries like automotive, building projects, plumbing etc. And they are indeed a significant addition in hand toolkit, which is why you should invest in one if you don’t have it yet.


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