How to properly fit and wear Knee Pads for Maximum Protection

How to properly fit and wear Knee Pads for Maximum Protection

Knee pads are an essential part of workwear for the workers who kneel often. Knee pads are designed to protect you for injury, keep your knees safe from sharp objects, abrasions etc. Knee pads are also supposed to keep your knees safe from slippery floor, and exposure to hard, uneven surface.

WrigthFits knee pads are designed with multiple layers that ensures the safety of your knees. WrightFits knee pads are water resistant and susceptible to adjustment. Investing in Work Knee pads is the best choice for any worker.


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How to properly fit and wear WrightFits knee pads for maximum protection?

Wearing knee protectors is not difficult as they come with adjustable strap mostly, or there are insert knee pads that just need inserting in knee pads pockets. But, if your knee pads fit perfectly then they ensure the maximum protection. So here’s how you should wear your knee pads:

Keep it under the knee

You should wear your knee pads under the kneecap, on the upper shin as it is safer than just wearing it subtly around the kneecap. This way you will be more comfortable and secure.


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Long trousers are recommended

If you have a job that is hurting your knees than you should prefer wearing work trousers or work shorts as it is easier to adjust knee pads this way. If you are wearing non-slip long trousers, your knee pads will stay in place firmly than they will on bare skin.


Strap it wisely:

You must strap your knee pads according to your calf measurements so it can fit properly. The strap should be of the size that tightens around your calf comfortably.


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WrightFits knee pads offer comfort and protection, fits perfectly and are water resistant. Knee pads should be able to keep you comfortable and protected at work.

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