Three in One Step Stool Tool Storage Box by ToughHub!

Three in One Step Stool Tool Storage Box by ToughHub!

ToughHub has always been looking for solutions that will provide you quality at economy. We focus on innovation and functionality to make you perform well and efficiently. Our ToughHub Step Stool Tool Box can be represented as an example in this respect. This 3 in 1 option is there to assist you at its best.

Removable Tote Tray

Well to have your required small tools and fittings at your hand a tote tray becomes quite essential. Keeping the fact in view, we have attributed a handy tote tray with this storage box for you. You can easily arrange your wanted tools in it while performing any job. You also can keep your small bits and tools separately without creating any fuss in your tool box.

Secure Metal Latch

Security is the most essential part with any tool box. A quality tool box should have a secure and durable closure. So your tools may stay safe and you can carry them at ease. To make it sure for you our three in one storage box is attributed with a solid metal latch. It certainly will keep it shut tight and keep them secure.


Easy Grip Folding Handle

An ideal tool box should be good enough to be carry. Here the handle becomes quite crucial. It should be smooth and comfortable to hold. So the folding handle of our stool storage tool box meets the whole criteria. This comfy handle offers you a good grip. You can easily adjust this folding handle while using it as a stool as it goes to its slot to offer you a smooth seat to sit. 

Deep Storage Capacity

Featuring 355 x 415 x 343h mm dimension, this multi-purpose tool storage box offers you a deep storage capacity. You can easily keep your required tools in it. It is this dimension that gave it an ideal height that make you perform well without getting any fatigue.


Quality Solid Plastic Material

Durability is a feature that every worker is looking for when opting for his tools and tool box. You certainly need some solid and strong box that can carry your heavy as well as edgy tools. Here material becomes quite crucial. That is why our step stool tool storage box features quality thick plastic to last for long.

An ideal choice for your tool collection!

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