How to choose the best tool boxes for 2023

How to choose the best tool boxes for 2023

You need to be able to store all the tools in your home, workshop, or warehouse. A toolbox is the best way to accomplish this task. Both professional contractors and DIYers rely on toolboxes to carry their tools and keep them organised in one place. A toolbox is the best way to transport your tools easily from one location to another while keeping them close.

Many tool box organizers are available, and they come in many sizes and shapes, from large tool chests that can hold hundreds of tools to small, portable toolboxes that are carried around. It can take time to decide where to begin with the many options available.

Your toolbox should last you a lifetime and should not be replaced. To make the best decision, it is essential to carefully consider a toolbox's key features and functions to make the best decision.

This buying guide will explain the main features of a toolbox, the various types of toolboxes, and our top picks.

What to look out for in a toolbox

There are vital points to consider when looking for one to ensure the correct toolbox.

You want the best toolbox that suits your needs. These are just some of the important factors but the most important.

Size and Capacity

First, you should consider the dimensions of your toolbox and its storage capacity. You have a wide range of options when it comes to storage for tools. Different sizes are better suited for other people. The number of devices you want to store will determine your choice. It is helpful to make an inventory before making a purchase.

Choose a toolbox that can hold all your tools and has enough space to accommodate additional tools. It doesn't make sense to buy a new toolbox every time you purchase new devices.

You can also store smaller tools and accessories more efficiently with storage compartments. A large toolbox will be sufficient to hold various power tools and accessories. It also has specific cases for the accessories. You may not need as many compartments to store your more essential tools.

Material & Durability

Many materials are used to make toolboxes. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses. You want your tools to be safe and secure when you choose a toolbox. Toolboxes can be made from either metal or plastic. The most popular plastic toolboxes are made from resin. They are much cheaper than metal and can withstand rust. Metal toolboxes are usually made from metal. They are highly durable and can carry a lot of heavyweight. Aluminium and stainless steel are rust-resistant, durable, and often more costly. While more affordable, regular steel can rust and scratch easily.


You will be carrying your tools around in your toolbox. Therefore, you need to consider its portability. It will impact the overall portability of your toolbox.

Transporting heavy tools can be a problem for toolboxes that hold many tools. That is solved by using wheels integrated into your toolbox's design. While rolling workstations may have wheels made of plastic, a heavy-duty tool chest with metal ball bearings to spin will have castors made from steel.


There are many options for toolboxes. You should consider whether the toolbox needs organisation features if you have many tools.

Many toolboxes have removable compartments, trays or dividers for smaller items such as washers and bits. These toolboxes will have more space beneath the trays for more comprehensive tools. Larger rolling workstations or tool trolleys often include tool drawers that easily organise your devices. Some toolboxes can also be stacked to remove storage modules when needed quickly.


We now get to the most important deciding factor, price. It is the most crucial factor to consider and will be the deal-breaker. You should only choose the cheapest option if you want to replace it quickly.

You will first need to determine your budget for the toolbox, considering all the factors we have discussed. You should ensure you have enough money to buy a toolbox that meets your needs.

The PS20 and below toolboxes are designed for light use with small tools around your house. These toolboxes can easily break and are often fragile, small, and fragile. These toolboxes are used for small DIY projects, craft supplies, and lightweight accessory tools.

You can buy toolboxes from around PS30 to PS75 in metal or plastic with many more bells and whistles. These boxes will likely have more drawers and trays for better organisation of the tools. They will also be more durable than cheaper alternatives.

The toolboxes above PS75 are at the top of the price range. They offer the most storage space and are durable, but also the most costly. You can also find larger tool workstations and rolling tool trolleys in this price range.

Accessory for toolboxes

Many accessories are added to toolboxes to make it easier to organise and transport your tools. These accessories are often included in the standard toolbox but can be purchased separately.

It's common to have sections and trays for organising your toolbox. You can place tool rolls in your organising trays to protect your tools. It will prevent them from being damaged by moving the toolbox around.

To prevent your tools from sliding around when you open and close drawers on tool chests or trolleys, drawer liners are a brilliant idea. You can also buy custom foam inserts or make your own. Add more functionality to your toolbox by adding accessories such as paper roll holders, can holders, trays and waste bins.

Top Tool Boxes

DURHAND 60 Drawers Parts Organizer Wall Mount Storage Cabinet

DURHAND 60 Drawers Parts Organiser Wall Mount Storage Cabinet

The 60-Drawers Storage Cabinet offers space for tools and small accessories to be organised and kept safe. The cabinet is made of tough polypropylene. It can be mounted on the wall or as a freestanding unit. Each drawer has a built-in stop to prevent it from falling out. It also comes in a brighter colour to make it easier to locate where it is placed. It is used in the garage, workshop, repair shop, tailor shop or shed.


  • Convenient Design
  • It's easy to move
  • Durable Materials
  • Wide Use
  • Transparent Drawers
  • Drilled slotted holes


Utility Tool Box Storage Organization Case with 4 Drawers and Adjustable Dividers

Utility Tool Box Storage Organizer Case with 4 Drawers & Adjustable Dividers

The versatile 2-in-1 Utility Tool Storage box has four pull-out drawers and adjustable dividers that allow you to separate your tools. This tool storage box organises your small tools, nuts and bolts, screws and nails, craft supplies, fishing tackle and other small parts. Drawers are transparent so that instruments are easily identified.


  • Secure locking clip secures the top section
  • For easy portability, carry a handle
  • Strong plastic
  • Size: 27.7x17.5x25.6cm
  • Dividers used to create 3-13 compartments


WrightFits Essential Mobile Rolling Tools Chest

WrightFits Essential mobile rolling tool chest is made to store and transport various tools and materials. The plastic rubber wheels allow for easy portability. The tool chest protects your tools while you are travelling.


  • Dimensions: 650x400x350 cm
  • Removable tote and polycarbonate lid
  • Metal latches
  • Telescopic handles in wide steel
  • Handle made of long-lasting metal
  • Rubber-coated wheels


ToughHub 26" Portable Fatbuilt Storage Box

WrightFits Essential Mobile Rolling Tool Chest

ToughHub 26-inch Portable Fatbuilt Tool Storage box is lightweight and portable. These lockable toolboxes store hammers, wrenches, and other tools. The tote tray was designed to keep nuts, bolts, nails and screws. It also protects your tools from theft.


  • Dimensions: 26" 676x 314x 300 hmm
  • Portable & Durable
  • Lock Latches
  • Totes Tray for Tools
  • Aluminum Handle
  • Rubber Feet


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