Hammer Holder for all Heavy-Duty Workers

Hammer Holder for all Heavy-Duty Workers

Hammer is one of the heaviest tools in your tool kit; the heavier the more it is harder for you to handle it. WrightFits Leather Hammer Holder is designed for giving your convenient access while working on sites. All the workers like scaffolds’, builders, carpenters, gardeners, electricians require hammer frequently whilst working on their job. Therefore, the manufactures must take care of workers requirements at top priority. Keeping in view all these requirements, it is made from genuine high-grade buffalo leather that adds the characteristics of hard wearing and durability to it. Furthermore, adding more strength to by strong construction with riveted reinforcement. However, no leather loop can be enough strong to hold the hammer in it. Thus, this heavy duty hammer holder has an integrated stainless steel loop that is designed to support various hammer weights. So, now store and carry your hammer at work hours with great security and safety with WrightFits Leather Hammer Holder. 

WrightFits Hammer Holder is designed with extra strength and a steel loop to hold the hammer allowing you convenient access to it whenever need it whilst working. The excellent material used in manufacturing and crafted with the finest art makes it hard wearing and durable.



  • Material Used in Manufacturing: Made from genuine and high-grade buffalo leather. This core material makes it a perfect heavy-duty hammer holder, durable and strengthens.


  • Strong Construction for Heavy Duty: Strong construction with riveted reinforcement makes it super strong to stand along in all types of work hardness. Moreover, constructed with detailed attention makes it perfect to hold all types and heavier hammers as well.


Hammer Holder for all Heavy-Duty Workers
  • Stainless Steel Hammer Loop: No leather fabric can hold your hammer safely. Therefore, this holder is integrated with stainless steel loop to support various hammer weights.
Hammer Holder for all Heavy-Duty Workers


  • Suitable for: This type of tool work pouch is in great demand of scaffolds, builders, carpenters, gardeners, electricians, plumbers, flooring workers, basically those who require hammer frequently at their job.

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